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Mid Year Journal 2015

What a lovely Autumn we have had, my favourite season to enjoy my roses and the garden.  The pleasant warm days really enhance the colour of the rose blooms and it is great to see the rose bushes returning to vigour after the intense heat of the summer.  The cooler weather also makes working outdoors so much easier, which is great as there is so much to do with cutting back spent blooms, weeding, spraying etc.

This is the time of the year that we are all wishing for the summer to end, or at least I am. By the time we get to late February I am well and truly over the hot summer weather and yearning for some lovely cooler autumn days. It is such a challenge to keep the garden and roses looking nice with the hot temperatures, hot winds and very litt le rain. Sti ll it will soon be March and we can all once again enjoy our gardens without feeling scorched.

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