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Guildford Town Hall

Autumn Rose Show 2023 

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Autumn Champion - Stewart Coles
Major Award Winners
Jillian Plester
Judy Milton
Cheryl Bateson & Jacqui Bateman
Roses in the Guildford Hall
Jacqui Bateman helping on the
Plant Stall
Sweet Intoxication
Melbourne Town front and middle,
Our Rosamond
at rear
Red  Intuition
Happy Anniversary
Take 3
By Pauline Tarrant
As I Like It
By Denise Shelbourn
Best Floral Art Exhibit
By Pauline Tarrant
Roses in Autumn
By Denise Shelbourn
First Annabelle Tarrant,  Second Savannah Tarrant
Junior Exhibitors - Aged 10 and Under
Mother's Love
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