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  1. Guest speaker where possible - please refer to details for the next meetings.

  2. Question and Answer session.

  3. Door prize - a rose bush donated by Melville Rose n Garden Nursery.

  4. One of our experienced members will be available to show new members how to bench their roses.  As soon as you arrive, please let us know you would like help.  As our meetings start at 7.30pm, the roses need to be on the benches before this time.  Please bring along your best roses from your garden, at 7.00pm, they don’t have to be perfect.  This is the best way to learn what you need to do to prepare them for judging.

  5. We have a Novice Section, and each time you bench your roses, you will learn more.  Preparing your roses for benching at monthly meetings will give you the experience and confidence to participate in our next Rose Show.  You are encouraged to participate because the more blooms there are on the benches, the more spectacular the display will be.

  6. Bring along your mystery rose.  There will most likely be a member who can identify it for you.

  7. A laminating machine is available for those who need to laminate their Rose Labels for the Rose Show—cost is $0.40 per page (18 labels).  Please phone the Show Manager ahead of the meeting to arrange for the laminating machine to be brought to the hall.

  8. Please bring a plate of food to share for supper, free tea and coffee is available.

  9. Chat with other rose growers over supper.


Touch of Class

Touch of class

Red Intuition



Double Delight

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