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Chilli Thrip infestation is a huge problem affecting our roses. The Rose Society of WA, together with professionals in the business, have worked hard to find the best method of overcoming this problem.


  • Do not trim back infected growth until you have completed the following spraying programme.

  • In the cooler months, Spray your roses in the late afternoon (first check to see that the bees and ladybirds have gone to bed). Once the weather begins to warm, take note of the temperature. The ideal spraying temperature needs to be below 25  ͦc. Spray with either Conguard or Confidor, Yates Success Ultra, Rose Sheild Concentrate, Spectrum or Rogor. You will need to use double strength for non-commercial products.

  • Add dishwashing detergent to the mix at about 5mls/litre so that the mixture runs right down into the plant. If possible, avoid rainy days.

  • Heavily swamp your plants until the spray drips off and make sure you spray the ground surrounding your bushes as these insects lay eggs in the soil and mulch.

  • Spraying needs to be done on consecutive weeks (about every 7 days) for three weeks.

  • Cut the bush back about the 4th week since initial spraying.

  • After trimming off infected growth, it is a good idea to solarize infected trimmings in sealed black plastic thus killing any remaining thrip as well as eggs Then dispose of solarised and sealed plastic in the general waste bins. Do not put in a compost tumbler. 


Good luck!!

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