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Credit:  Lance Osborne


Chilli Thrip infestation is a huge problem affecting our roses. The Rose Society of WA, together with professionals in the business, have worked hard to find the best method of overcoming this problem.

If you get this pest you will need to spray your rose bushes with either one of the following products Conguard, Yates Ultra Success, Confidor, Spectrum 200 or Rose Shield.  Spray in the late afternoon when the temperature has dropped below 25 degrees Celsius.  Ensure the spray thoroughly covers the whole bush and spray the ground underneath as well.


Chilli Thrip larvae fall to the ground and live there during the pre-pupal and pupal stages until a reproductive adult appears with fully developed wings.  Spray at least 2 or 3 times over the next few weeks.  This regime may need to be repeated if the pest reappears, so vigilant monitoring is required thereafter.  It is recommended to alternate with different products throughout the spray regime.

Research is continuing by scientists to develop a spray for Chilli Thrip so please keep checking back here for the latest information.


Good luck!!

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