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(6th and 7th May 2023)

This year the Rose Society of Western Australia has been able to hold our

Autumn Show, after being cancelled for the past 2 years, because of Covid.

The date was booked well in advance and before we knew of the King’s

Coronation, the ACDC Concert, the Dockers football game or the freezing cold weather that was experienced over the weekend.


There were 9 Members of the Rose Society of WA, 2 from the SW Rose

Society and 6 from the Floral Art Association who entered the show. These

17 people placed 150 entries into the Autumn Show.


Many hours of preparation go into the weeks prior to the show being staged – exhibitors are fertilising roses and doing everything they can to encourage their roses to bloom perfectly for the show dates. As Secretary there is also a lot of preparation needed, finalising the schedule, the place cards, answering queries and recording entries from members.


The Show Manager was very busy also, putting signs out throughout the

metropolitan area, ordering supplies, arranging for roses and plants to be

available for sale, contacting Judges, Stewards and Volunteers to request

their assistance for the show. Special acknowledgement needs to be passed

onto Lee and the few helpers who helped set the hall up on Friday.


Thank you to the many members who cooked for days to contribute

many great goodies for the kitchen to serve and the trade table to sell. To

Jenny and John who cleaned and set up the kitchen so that our volunteers and visitors could be well fed and looked after, during the show - Thank You. Also, thank you to the kitchen team who did such a great job.


So much work has to be done in preparation for a successful show. We had a beautiful layout and display of roses and it is such a shame that it was appreciated by so few. Our shows are held to display roses and raise money for the Society, but to be financially successful, members need to support it. The RSWA Council members will need to seriously consider the viability of continuing to run the Autumn Show.


I would also like to thank Pam Kidd and Stuart Tindale for their assistance at the Show Secretary's desk during the Show. Thank you to everyone who came to the show, for your support.

Kind regards

Jillian Plester

Show Secretary

Rose Society of Western Australia

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