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Prevention is number one, with plenty of sunshine for at least five hours a day.


Good air circulation is essential around bushes to lower humidity.


Mulch will help in the prevention of spore splash back while watering. 


Regular feeding will help to keep the plant strong and resistant to fungal attacks.  If any diseased leaves are noticed, pull them off and bin them.


Moulds and Mildews cannot be cured, but may be prevented by setting up a spraying program early.  Eco-fungicide can be used, mixed with Pest Oil or Eco-Oil for added effectiveness.


For Black Spot, use Eco-Rose mixed with Eco-Oil.


Lime Sulphur is traditionally used as a winter clean up at double strength and may be used on Rust, Black Spot and Mildew.  Bordeaux mixtures can also be bought.  Use all of these products to manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. 


Wash out your spray equipment each time to prevent jets from clogging up.


Milk Spray can be used to control Mildew.  Mix one part full cream milk to nine parts water and spray both sides of the foliage every five days or after rain.


Insect pests can be controlled with Pest-Oil or Eco-Oil which work by either suffocating the insects or changing the surface tension of the leaves.  This discourages insects from landing to lay their eggs.  These oils are also effective on Scale, as is Neem Oil which also works well on Thrips and can be used as a systemic spray if used on the ground.  There are also Garlic and Pyrethrum sprays available.

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