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Sample of Rose Labels on Benches.PNG

Exhibitors' Rose Labels

Please left click with your mouse anywhere in the picture of the above labels to download a copy of these labels that you can save and print in colour.

When you have downloaded your labels, there will be a total of 9 rows on the page - 18 labels in all.  Click into the middle of the top label and you will see a box appear (as detailed in the 3rd label).  Type the name of the rose you intend to exhibit in the space provided. The name needs to be centred on the label so if yours is not in the middle, you might need to delete a space off the end of the rose name.  Long names automatically go onto 2 lines.

Tip:  make some spare labels as they can get water damaged (or lost) - this will save you having to print replacement labels again.   

After laminating the sheet and cutting your labels along the cutting lines, you can put your name on the back of the labels with a permanent marker to avoid loss.

The RSWA has a laminator.  Please contact the Show Manager prior to a General Meeting so that it can be made available for you at the meeting.  Cost for laminating is $0.40 per page.

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