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Members are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings which are held at the South Perth Community Centre Hall, Sandgate Street (corner of South Terrace) South Perth, on the third Tuesday of the months of February, March, April, May, June, August, September, October and November.  Meetings start at 7.30pm.


Pruning demonstrations are organised for the month of July (See our Events page for dates).  Members and the public are able to learn the techniques for pruning from experienced rose pruners.


At each meeting we have a guest speaker who talks about the various aspects of roses, gardens and other varieties of plants, or interesting topics.


Our experienced members are always available and willing to share information and answer questions.  One of the agenda items at the meeting is "question time" where questions are asked from the floor and answered by our members.


The $3 entry fee provides a ticket for our door prize, which is a selected rose, donated by Melville Roses - Rose n Garden Perth.  Other prizes are also provided by members who bring in plants, jams and other items to add to the prize pool.


We hold rose competitions at our monthly meetings where members exhibit their roses for judging.  This is a great way for new members to learn how to bench their roses for the major shows in Autumn and Spring.  There is a Novice Section and each time you prepare your roses for benching at monthly meetings, you gain the experience and confidence to participate in our next Rose Show.  Experienced members are available to assist new members.  The hall opens at 7.00pm to allow exhibitors time to bench their roses in our Society vases before the meeting commences at 7.30pm.  


Points are awarded for each of the various categories, and these points accumulate for the year.  Those with the highest number of points in each category are awarded a prize at the Annual General Meeting.  


We have a table for “unknown” roses, so you can bring along your mystery rose for identification.


The Society provides tea and coffee at the end of the monthly meetings and members bring along a plate to share. This is an excellent time to chat with other rose growers, pick up some rose growing tips, and get to know other members of the Society.  You can also look at the bench display and discuss the exhibits with the judges and fellow members.

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