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Thrips are very small, approximately 0.5mm and difficult to spot, however if your roses are infected, you will notice small holes in the buds and brown edges on the petals.

Spraying with Confidor will give a week’s cover, or use NeemOil or Horticultural Soap.  Start spraying when the buds are green.


Spider Mites

Spider Mites love the hot dry weather and the tell tale sign that you have spider mites is when the leaves start getting the fine silvery mottling on the surfaces and webbing underneath.

As they are only 0.2mm in length they are hard to spot.

Use EcoOil, Kelthane or Red Spider Spray.

General insecticides won't kill them.

Spray 3 times at weekly intervals to eradicate all stages of development.

EcoOil will also take care of White Rose Scale.

Credit:  Shamil

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Budworm is a caterpillar that likes roses and also vegetable garden plants, especially sweet corn and tomatoes.


Moths lay their eggs at night on young foliage close to the flower bud and the young caterpillars feed on the foliage first before moving into the buds.

They chew inside so that the flower doesn't open properly.

To prevent the problem, you could spray with Dipel, Marvik or Rose Shield. Dispose of any bugs that already have problems in a sealed bag and put in the garbage.

Don‘t compost them because they live on in the compost.


Keep your eyes open for them, they seem to be about all the time, somewhere in the garden hiding under the leaves.

They are born pregnant so it can seem like a population explosion after you first notice them.

A systemic spray such as Confidor will give you longer coverage, but if you don’t like chemicals you can use EcoOil or make your own by crushing a whole garlic bulb and cover with vegetable oil, leave for 2 days, strain it off an mix 1ml to a litre of water.

Photo courtesy of Silkie Gardens Rose Farm.

Blue = aphid. 

Red = skin/shell of aphid discarded after moulting. 

Green = dead aphid (known as a 'mummy'_ that has been killed by a parasitoid wasp.  The tiny wasp injects an egg into the aphid which hatches and feeds on the insides of the aphid.  The aphid swells up and then dies with a new wasp emerging to continue on the cycle.


Scale is a slow moving insect which attacks the rose canes, causing stunted and sickly growth when present in sufficient numbers. Scale can be eradicated by spraying with white oil mixed with Malathion™, as directed by the manufacturer, immediately after pruning. Pest Oil™ and Eco Oil™ are both effective alternatives. Spray infested bushes thoroughly all round. You can still mulch if you have scale.


Rose Weevil Damage

Rose Weevils

Conrol by spraying with Dipel.

Add Seasol or Fish Emulsion to all your sprays,

it will help them stick and also foliar feed.

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